What my clients have to say…

Emily has been a powerful secret weapon of Awesomeness in my personal life and business for about 7 years at the time of this recommendation. I have leveraged her wisdom, insight, clarity, coaching, guidance, and discernment to help me make decisions for the highest and best good of myself and others. She is genuine, caring, kind, matter-of-fact and loving all at the same time. If you’re looking for a Coach, Guide and/or Seer who is intuitively gifted by God to pull out the best version of yourself, I highly recommend Emily Rivera.

– Delatorro L. McNeal, II
Chairman & CEO of Platinum Performance Global, LLC

Emily has been one of the greatest influences that has changed my life. I was raised in an “old style” religion in a back woods area. So I always dismissed angels and those who talked with a spirit. Three years ago I moved into an area that provided a spot for Emily to speak on a monthly basis. I was convinced that I was dying and was terrified of that prospect. Emily showed me that, not only I could speak to the Divine, but that I WAS Divine. She has a special gift but she helped me speak for the first time with my angels. I have become happy, joyous, excited about every day, and talk with my angels who help me understand the beauty of every event. I have spent many hours in meditation with her. Thank you, Emily!

– John Cunningham

Dear Emily,
I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with me during my spiritual coaching journey. During this time, you helped me to reconnect with my authentic self and adopt so many practices that have helped light my path. The synchronicities that I witnessed were truly amazing and I’m happy to say that they are still unfolding daily. I will be forever grateful for this experience and believe that it was a catalyst to help me closer align to my souls purpose. You have helped open a world of possibilities for me. Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your light.

– Stacie Scalise

I met Emily a few years ago and she has become an amazing source of inspiration and guidance! Every time I have a session with Emily I am awakened to new levels of clarity & next steps to take along my path. Often times I feel nudges to take action but my mind can come in and get confused – Emily really helps bring a sense of peace to these feelings of confusion or uncertainty. As I have applied the insights from Emily & the angels through sessions or her programs to my life, I have noticed my own feeling of empowerment & trust in my intuition has increased. Thank you!

– Dana Feldmeier

Emily is an incredibly gifted intuitive and communicates with crystal clarity with the Angelic Realm. She embodies the frequencies of compassion, wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance that generate the space for clarity and support to emerge in an honoring atmosphere. The accuracy of the guidance shared through her is phenomenal, and she is an impeccable vehicle for Divine Communication during her group events and private sessions. She shares with a pure intention to further your spiritual growth and healing; I highly recommend all of her offerings.

– Omaji

I’ve been going to Emily’s angel sessions regularly for a year and a half. Her sessions not only marked the beginning of my conscious spiritual journey but have been a foundation of my beliefs and transformation during this time in my life. I have also received invaluable guidance and reassurance on my creative path and my life purpose in private sessions. Her sessions overall have been a time of healing and inspiration for me, which was much needed, and I am truly grateful.

– Betsy Alvarez

Emily Rivera provides a relaxed, enjoyable, informative learning environment and many times incorporates meditation and healing education. Emily’s teaching style encourages student participation and self-expression.

– Harvey Pearlman, BA., LMT., BT. NMT.,CCLP.

If you’re looking for inspiration, practical guidance and healing, then see Emily. She’s one of those rare people who carry a very high vibration of Divine love and wisdom. Through her flows a beautiful and true connection to Spirit that will bless you. She is amazing.

– Wade Botkin

I have worked with Emily for a year and she has helped me so much in all areas of my life. She is kind, patient, and most definitely sent from Heaven to help people find and feel comfort, peace and joy here on Earth. Thank you, Emily for your wisdom and love. I would recommend you to anyone seeking divine
intervention in any situation.

– Shannon

Emily has touched my heart and life in such a healing beautiful way. Her open heart and true wish to be of service to humanity makes her an exceptional channel for love, truth, wisdom and healing. Her words are nothing but lovingly inspiring and filled with so much hope. Your perception of whatever it is you are going through changes completely, giving room for healing to occur. . After my session with her, I felt lighter, cleared and empowered. With an understanding of how loved I am, with an inner knowing and inner connection. I have lived a life where victim hood and self-judgement was the prime state I was in, and after being with Emily, just one time: compassion, self forgiveness, self love and motivation to open myself to new things have been present in my life. I truly recommend her to anyone. With or with out issues, as I know her words and energy will unfold a journey of healing, remembrance and inspiration.

– Mariana Schuster

Emily is a special soul with a divine gift. She is nurturing, kind and very loving. She is an amazing healer and transformed my life. I didn’t know her sessions would help me so much, but it uncovered 40 years of misbeliefs that I was storing emotionally and physically. I was at a crossroads in my life, trying to figure out what was next, and trying to understand what my purpose in life was. Before her healing sessions, I was always led by fear. I believed I wasn’t enough and didn’t have enough. Emily’s healing gift helped me to shed my thoughts and revealed the truth of my soul. I lead with my heart, from a place of confidence and wholeness. I now understand what was holding me back from being happy and I am so grateful for Emily. I honestly cannot stress the importance each of the sessions played in shifting my life. She is not only a gifted healer and teacher, but I feel lucky to call her a friend and mentor.

– Julie Cunningham

Ever since I first met Emily in one of her workshops, the doors to my own personal connection to Spirit has unfolded tenfold and continues to do so. Her crystal clear way of “being” really brings through the Spiritual presence that I believe many want to openly embrace and receive from. However often times we find blocks and hurdles when we want to tap into that Divine Guidance. When I received Angel reading from her, it helped me move through a very difficult and cluttered time in my life. At times, her words still come forward and ring true in my heart and mind, giving me the “Aha” I need or simply showing me what I already know deep inside. Each time I see her, I can not only see a simple human being just as I am, but also someone who makes a daily practice of allowing Spirit to guide her actions, for a Divinely inspired existence. This touches me and resonates through, to effect the way I live with this connection we all have access to! I highly recommend Emily’s services in any way you may have an opportunity to take part in what she is offering. She is truly a living Angel here in this physical world!.

I have been studying people who have advanced abilities similar to Emily’s for about ten years now and have tried to make some scientific comparisons without getting too technical. I simply counted the number of “hits” or statements that I could verify as being accurate. Emily’s record was one of the very best of a group that represented all areas of the U.S. and one person from Canada.

– Jim DelVecchio

Emily is a very pure person and intuitive. Since my first encounter In a “Healing with the Angels” group session, I knew that she was really a very special individual. Emily has had a very positive influence on my life’s journey both in a healing capacity and in my Spiritual growth. I believe that anyone interested in growth and healing should see Emily in action, she truly is the real deal.

– David

When I came to you for a reading last year I was feeling a bit broken and you gave me a lot of incite to help me turn my outlook around for my highest and best good. Only great things have happened since then and I am filled with so much gratitude! You have an amazing gift and a beautiful soul! Thank you for all you do to inspire others.

– Ashley

Several years ago, my good friend treated me to a session with Emily. Honestly, I
did not know what to expect. Immediately, upon meeting Emily, I was at ease. She
is a beautiful soul, inside and out. The session began with Emily in silent
meditation as she prepared herself for our meeting. She explained that her guidance
comes from love and from Angels. At that moment, I felt her genuineness, but I
remained a skeptic. I was wrong (to be a skeptic). The messages that Emily shares
are not her own. She has been gifted with an ability to communicate with another
realm. She describes those that give her messages as Angels. What she shares is
deeply personal – information that no one knows, details that have very specific
meanings for her clients. I was blown away. After now, about five sessions with
Emily, over the course of several years, I am still left speechless by what I hear and
learn in my sessions. Certainly, the specific messages are meaningful and give me
great insight into my life and those that I love. I have applied what I have learned.
It has made a difference. The most significant aspect, for me, is coming to a strong
realization that we can all tap into the realm of the Divine. Emily models access
that we all can invoke. I believe that is her special function. And, through her
communications, I now have a knowing that the spiritual realm is very real. I take
immense comfort in remembering everyday that I am ‘nestled in love’ and that ‘I
am never alone’. I am grateful to Emily for sharing her gifts with me.


I had no idea what to expect in my session with Emily for an “Intuitive Reading”.
I went in with an open mind but was a bit fearful of what she may tell me. My
energy was filled with nerves and anxiety and I had built up a lot of emotional pain
that I was harboring, and Emily picked up on all of this immediately. The main
reasons I was there were picked up on right away and addressed by Emily which
blew me away. It was such a wonderful emotional release and a surge of peace
came over me. I felt that Emily could feel and know everything that I had been
feeling and thinking for the past two years. It was so incredible, everything that she
would say, I would have to agree with. She had never met me or knew anything
about me, yet I felt she knew more about me than anyone that has known me my
whole life. I had been wanting to go to therapy but felt I needed something more
and I finally found it with my session. I cannot describe the peace I left with and
the happiness I felt that everything was going to be okay when the session was
over. Emily is truly following her life purpose in helping those who need peace,
achieve it. If you need to find peace or just some energy healing or just want to
know if you are on the right path in life, Emily is the best person to go to and I
highly recommend a session with her.

– Bethany

Emily has helped me in more words than I can say and in many different ways. Going through a difficult separation, followed by a divorce, she gave me the insight and guidance that I needed to know that I was doing the right thing and knowing my future potential and other things that were coming my way. Talking with Emily and receiving the messages she had for me has given me strength, courage and the ability to believe in myself and my talents far more than I ever have before. She emanates love and everything that is good. I truly believe everyone could benefit from connecting with her and having her guidance in their life. Thank you Emily so much for all the help, love and light you have given me!!

– Kristina Dow

I would highly recommend Emily to anyone and everyone..and God knows I have been to a couple different people but I can say that she is definitely a step above the rest….As a mom of 3 and business owner and wife I have a full plate and want to accomplish dreams and goals of my own as well and she and the angels have guided me in the right direction and have given me advice and confidence I needed to move forward . In times of uncertainty and confusion she and the angels have been there to guide me to clarity and love. ..Emily also knew things of me that she wouldn’t have known unless her angels where telling her …She and the angels have been a blessing in my life and I am truly grateful.

– Christina