What My Clients Are Saying

Every time I have a session with Emily I am awakened to new levels of clarity & next steps to take along my path. Often times I feel nudges to take action but my mind can come in and get confused - Emily really helps bring a sense of peace to these feelings of confusion or uncertainty. As I have applied the insights from Emily & the angels through sessions or her programs to my life, I have noticed my own feeling of empowerment & trust in my intuition has increased. Thank you!

Dana Feldmeier

Emily is a special soul with a divine gift. She is nurturing, kind and very loving. She is an amazing healer and transformed my life. I didn’t know her sessions would help me so much, but they uncovered 40 years of misbeliefs that I was storing emotionally and physically. Before her healing sessions, I was always led by fear. I believed I wasn’t enough and didn’t have enough. Emily’s healing gift helped me to shed my thoughts and revealed the truth of my soul. I lead with my heart, from a place of confidence and wholeness. I now understand what was holding me back from being happy and I am so gratefulfor Emily. I honestly cannot stress the importance each of the sessions played in shifting my life.

Julie Cunningham

I've been going to Emily's angel sessions regularlyfor a year and a half. Her sessions not only marked the beginning of my conscious spiritual journey but have been a foundation of my beliefs and transformation during this time in my life. I have also received invaluable guidance and reassurance on my creative path and my life purpose in private sessions. Her sessions overall have been a time of healing and inspiration for me, which was much needed, and I am truly grateful

Betsy Alvarez

Emily has touched my heart and life in such a healing beautiful way. Her open heart and true wish to be of service to humanity makes her an exceptional channel for love, truth, wisdom and healing. After my session

with her, I felt lighter, cleared and empowered. With an understanding of how loved I am, with an inner knowing and inner connection. I have lived a life where

victim hood and self-judgement was the prime state I was in, and after being with

Emily, just one time: compassion, self forgiveness, self love and motivation to

open myself to new things have been present in my life.


What she shares is deeply personal – information that no one knows, details that have very specificmeanings for her clients. I was blown away. After now, about five sessions with Emily, over the course of several years, I am still left speechless by what I hear and learn in my sessions. Certainly, the specific messages are meaningful and give megreat insight into my life and those that I love. I have applied what I have learned. It has made a difference. The most significant aspect, for me, is coming to a strong realization that we can all tap into the realm of the Divine.

Julie Cunningham

I had been wanting to go to therapy but I felt I needed something more and I finally found it with my session. I cannot describe the peace I left with and the happiness I felt that everything was going to be okay when the session was over. Emily is truly following her life purpose in helping those who need peace, achieve it. If you need to find peace or just some energy healing or just want to know if you are on the right path in life, Emily is the best person to go to and I highly recommend a session with her.


From one session to another the message is clear, consistent and peaceful. I feel like I am not facing these times alone and the plan is revealing itself with telltale signals along the way. The guidance I'm being given makes all the difference in the world and Emily is such a source of energy and well being to me.

Rhonda C.

Being new to the idea of being connected to "angels", I was very skeptical. Out of curiosity I scheduled a private session. Still felling a little skeptical (come on, how cananyone know all that about me?) BUT she was spot on in all areas of my life! I’ve had several sessions with Emily, looking for guidance, direction, answers... and she truly has helped me move forward in tough times in the direction that is intended for me.

Melissa Dolce

Emily is a very pure person and intuitive. Since my first encounter In a "Healing

with the Angels" group session, I knew that she was really a very special individual. Emily has had a positive influence on my life's journey both in a healing capacity and in my Spirutual growth. I believe that anyone interested in growth and healing should see Emily. She is truly the real deal.


Emily is just what she presents herself to be: a coach guiding us through a true connectionbetween ourselves and the Divinity around and within us. I'm so thankful for an expansive experience. I have never been more read, more transformed, more ready to move forward in my purpose. Understand that if you come across Emily and her work, it is the right time for you.


Emily has not only impacted my life, but I have witnessed for years hearing testimonies of other people’s experiences of their readings. Emily has a God-given gift and she’s a true Angel. I feel very fortunate and grateful to know she’s there when I need her.


To say I feel transformed is not an exaggeration. It’s like everything in my life, including my intuitive gifts, have leveled up! Thank you Emily for being a coaches coach, angel's angel, a person's person. You meet us where we are and invite us to experience what more is possible. I just adore you.


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