The Feminine Code Course

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

Join our training to Awaken your Feminine Codes and fully step into MANIFESTING your soul gifts, intuition, connection, and life's purpose.

The Feminine Code Course

Unlock Your

Inner Wisdom

Join our training to Awaken your Feminine Codes and fully step into MANIFESTING your soul gifts, intuition, connection, and life's purpose.

Awaken ALL OF YOU and experience the

most delicious life available.

Fulfillment and Impact become inevitable when the Feminine Code is owned by a woman. Everything within and all around her becomes an emanation of light and infinite possibilities.

What she can become and create becomes limitless!

When you enroll in the Feminine Code Training, you'll learn to live outside the normal and AWAKEN into new levels of Manifesting, Intuition, Connection, Healing, and Purpose.

You will have access to Angel Guided insights, healings, strategies and resources, and more to help you become the HIGHEST and MOST EXPANSIVE version of yourself. An expansion that will create more OVERFLOW in all areas of your life.

YOU are meant for more…

This is YOUR time…

Your Soul & Destiny are calling you HIGHER.


Unlock Your Feminine Code

The Feminine Code Training isn't just another stepping stone or personal growth program. It's a transformative passage tailored for women like you.

Intricately designed to awaken the divine feminine code within, you'll experience the harmonious integration of all aspects of your being, ensuring you emerge whole, powerful and radiant.


Explore The 7 Rays of Consciousness

Module 1: The Angelic Blueprint | Embracing Your Celestial Origin

Journey through The Angelic Blueprint and reconnect with your divine essence that transcends our earthly existence. Awaken your innate intuitive capabilities, and uncover the sacred wisdom that lies within you. Master the intricacies of your soul, and embrace the purpose it calls you towards.

Module 2: Sage | Discover Your Timeless Wisdom

Awaken the timeless Sage within, the divine holder of wisdom inherent in every woman. Learn to navigate life's challenges with grace, illuminate paths for others, and find unity with the Divine. Embrace enlightenment, uncover age-old secrets, and journey towards profound understanding and purpose.

Module 3: Queen | The Sovereign Self Empowered

Step into the empowering energy of the Queen, masterfully owning your life, destiny, and radiant leadership. Lead with purpose, manifest with unwavering belief, and shine unapologetically in your destined power. Embrace a life where you're the sovereign architect, where unlimited possibilities await your decree.

Module 4: Pearl | The Radiant Healer and Nurturer

Embody the essence of nurturing, healing, and transformative love. Learn the art of holding sacred spaces, providing comfort and recognizing the magic of your affection that reshapes lives. Journey through a world where love flows in abundance, and every touch is a testament to deep connections and self-care.

Module 5: Seductress | Embracing Your Magnetic Essence

Unveil the enchanting realm of the Seductress, celebrating your innate sensuality, magnetic charm, and effortless attraction. Break free from societal shackles, fully embracing intimacy, and living life with unmatched passion and vibrancy. Experience a world where you're an irresistible magnetic force, drawing every desire towards you.

Module 6: Innocence | The Dance of Wonder and Vision

Step into the refreshing realm of Innocence – a space where every woman rediscovers her childlike wonder, her uninhibited joy, and her visionary spirit. Dive into a world where laughter is frequent, every day holds magic, and you hold the power to make and break rules as you go. Recognize that joy is not just an emotion to be sought, but a state of being. You're not just a seeker but a creator of your own delight.

Module 7: Sorceress | The Alchemy of Infinite Possibility

Dive deep into the mystical realm of the Sorceress, where you awaken to your power of alchemy and effortless manifestation. Recognize that every step you take, every word you speak, is imbued with an energy that shapes, molds, and creates. Awaken to the understanding that within you lies the power of transformation, turning the seemingly ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the magical.

Module 8: Fortress | The

Warrior Within

Unearth the indomitable spirit of the Fortress, awakening the fierce warrior within who stands resilient against all challenges. Harness your inner might and wisdom, fighting passionately against inequality and defending your beliefs. Become an unyielding beacon of strength and justice, both in life's battles and inner conflicts.

Our intention is for you to unbind from anything that holds you back so you can experience life in confidence, clarity, and freedom.

Created by

Emily Rivera

With Emily, you're not merely accessing rehearsed insights or playbooks found in self-help books... you are directly connecting to higher realms, drawing enlightenment straight from Source.

Emily's unique attunement to angelic frequencies ensures that every moment, every lesson, every breakthrough is overseen and enriched by the angels themselves.

Join the Feminine Code Training to take part in divine communion. Emily serves as your conduit, ensuring you don't just learn, but truly experience the ethereal and the divine.


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  • Lifetime Access to Training Videos

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