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The Feminine Code Experience

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Are you ready to unlock the next dimension of yourself?

The Feminine Code Experience is created for women just like you. Women who are ready to experience a more expansive version of themselves , harness their innate feminine energy, step into purpose, and use it to live write their life story. In an experience that promises profound insights, transformation and connection, The Feminine Code Experience is exactly what you need to step into next level leadership of your life.

What is the Feminine Code?

There's a big misconception between what people think "the feminine is" and what it's truly designed to be.

The Feminine Code Event is a powerful catalyst for women to be directly guided by the Angels in discovering what the feminine is and the power of owning it.

What waits for you is:

Greater happiness and joy…

Effortless freedom and abundance…

Rich love and friendships…

Upgrades in ALL areas of life.

We invite you to say YES to

a GREATER version of yourself and step out of...

uncertainty and into alignment and clarity,

stress and burnout and into balance and wellbeing,

chaos and into peace,

loneliness and into spiritual connection.

Uniquely crafted for the woman who is ready for more, the Feminine Code Event empowers you to --

Tap into your inner wisdom...

Awaken and Step into YOUR Purpose...

Become the leader of your life and owner of your story...

Give to others without depleting your own energy...

Magnetically draw all you want towards you...

Live in uninhibited joy...

Make the universe conspire in your favor.

You're destined to experience fulfillment.


Experience the Flow of The Feminine

We are all striving for success in a fast-paced world, often leaning heavily into our masculine energy with its focus on doing and achieving.

Tapping into your feminine does not mean stepping back from ambition. Instead, it offers a powerful avenue to enhance your success.

If you feel like you have a beautiful life yet have a yearning for more...

If you know there's a part of yourself and a part of your life that's been untouched, unawakened, and waiting to be discovered...

If you know you're still on the cusp of embracing your full potential...

This experience is for you.

New York City - June 22-23, 2024

What You'll Experience at The Feminine Code Event

Ignite Your Divine Spark

The Feminine Code Event is an immersive experience into the 7 rays of the Feminine Code -- a celestial blueprint within every woman that holds her divine purpose, strength and guiding angels.

Through workshops filled with movement, dance, journaling, prayers, shared conversation and teachings, you will unlock each of these 7 rays and learn how to live them out in full force.

Watch the video to learn about each of the 7 rays.

Day 1 Itinerary

June 22nd, 2024

Workshop 1: The Angelic Blueprint

Delve into the concept of your "Angel Blueprint", exploring your unique qualities, aspirations, and innate potential. Emily- The Angel Coach, will guide you through exercises that will help you connect with your highest self.

Workshop 2: The Sage

Explore the qualities of wisdom and guidance within yourself. Engage in discussions and activities that tap into your inner sage and cultivate your ability to make informed decisions as INTUITION and SOUL guide the way.

Workshop 3: The Queen

Step into the empowering energy of the Queen, masterfully owning your life, purpose, destiny, and radiant leadership. Dive into discussions and experiential exercises that allow you to embrace a life where you are the architect.

Workshop 4: Pearl

Delve into the concept of nurturing and healing, both for yourself and others. Engage in activities that promote self-care, awakening of healing gifts, and emotional well-being.

Day 2 Itinerary

June 23rd, 2024

Worshop 5: Seductress

Explore your sensuality and learn to embrace your innate power of attraction. Through discussions and activities, discover how to exude confidence and magnetism.

Worshop 6: Innocence

Reconnect with your sense of wonder and innocence. Engage in activities that help you awaken Imagination and the power of play within and all around you. Experience life outside of limitations.

Worshop 7: Sorceress

Immerse yourself in the exploration of divine magic and the effortlessness of flowing with life's energies. Through rituals, meditations, and discussions, tap into your innate connection with the universe's creative forces

Worshop 8: Fortress

Embrace your inner strength and resilience as you delve into the qualities of a protector and warrior. Engage in empowering activities that nurture your ability to stand strong and defend what matters most to you.

What Past Participants Are saying

"So grateful for the opportunity to join the three days. I really felt a peaceful, uplifting angelic energy from the start. I also want to thank Emily for the bit of dancing we did. I used to dance around my room as a child and felt so free and joyful when I did. This reconnected me with that. Now I'm waking up doing my meditation and exercise starting with dancing. What a joyful feeling!!!"

- Lynn

"The Feminine Code Event was exquisitely transformative. I am still buzzing with a renewed sense of grounding, purpose, and vision for my life. I appreciated learning about the Feminine Code, the Sacred Garden, and the Seven Rays of Consciousness. Most of all, I was pleased to be surrounded by like-minded women. Emily is excellent at breaking down the mental roadblocks that hinder people from their most significant potential by creatively inspiring them to think bigger and want more out of life. I look forward to the next event!"

- Stephanie

"The Feminine Code Event was amazing to experience!

I felt a huge shift after the two days. All of the negative emotions I had been carrying were lifted.

I was able to look at all the same things that were going on in my life but with a different perspective and different eyes. I feel so lucky to have benefited from this wonderful event. I hope to continue carrying this amazing way I'm feeling!"

- Valentina

Experience Higher Realm Guidance

Embarking on a journey at the Feminine Code is not just about personal growth—it's about transcending earthly limitations and tapping into celestial wisdom through a sacred gateway.

With Emily, you're not merely accessing rehearsed insights or playbooks found in self-help books.

You are directly connecting to higher realms, drawing enlightenment straight from Source.

Emily's unique attunement to angelic frequencies ensures that your journey is infused with divine guidance at every step. Every moment, every lesson, every breakthrough is overseen and enriched by the angels themselves.

While many programs offer tools and techniques, The Feminine Code offers divine communion. Emily serves as your conduit, ensuring you don't just learn, but truly experience the ethereal and the divine.

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New York City | June 22-23, 2024

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- Gift bag with event essentials

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