Welcome to The Feminine Code

Join the movement of soul driven women, who are MANIFESTING lives of IMPACT, Success, and OVERFLOW across the globe.

What you can

become & create


Are you ready to live outside of the normal and awaken new levels of

possibilities, fulfillment, connection, healing and purpose?

If so, welcome to the Feminine Code.

The Feminine Code is a woman's unique blueprint designed by her Soul

and innate fulfillment and impact become available when she owns it.

Instead of reacting to life, she responds to it.

She becomes and owns more of herself.

She allows that of which is already hers to unfold.

Everything within and all around her becomes an emanation of light and infinite possibilities.

She experiences the most delicious life available.

Start owning YOUR feminine.

At The Angel Coach, we offer a variety of ways for you to awaken your Feminine Code. From our entry point Community, to our most immersive training with The Sacred Garden, each experience empowers you to tap into your inner wisdom, own your life, embrace your innate magnetism, live with unhibited joy, effortlessly manifest your truest desires and become resilient in the face of challenges.

  • Feminine Flow Community

  • The Feminine Code Training

  • The Feminine Code LIVE

  • The Sacred Garden- Sacred Sisterhood

Take the First Step to Understanding Your Feminine

Feminine Flow Community

Join a sacred community of women who understanding and embracing their divine feminine to experience quantum leaps in their life, love, finances, relationships, businesses and more.

Gain access to private community calls and group chat for a special launch price of only $27/per month. (Price goes up to $97 after May 3rd!)

Awaken Your Mastery of Your Feminine Code

Feminine Code Training

Emerge whole, powerful and radiant after completing the Feminine Code Training. This immersive program is intricately designed to awaken the feminine code within and active the harmonious integration of all aspects of your being.

The Feminine Code LIVE

Ready to experience the power of The Feminine in person?

Vote on the next city we should host our event in!

Experience the Most Delicious Life Available

The Sacred Garden

A Sacred Sisterhood

The Sacred Garden is an SACRED JOURNEY taken within SACRED SISTERHOOD. It is for women who are ready to Awaken their Feminine Codes and fully step into MANIFESTING their Soul Gifts, Intuition, Connection, and life's purpose. If you are ready to experience the most DELICIOUS life available to you, this is where you need to be.

Emily has helped me in more words than I can say and in many different ways. Going through a difficult separation, followed by a divorce, she gave me the insight and guidance that I needed to know that I was doing the right thing and knowing my future potential and other things that were coming my way. Talking with Emily and receiving the messages she had for me has given me strength, courage and the ability to believe in myself and my talents far more than I ever have before.

- Kristina Dow


What They Say

Emily is an incredibly gifted intuitive and communicates with crystal clarity with the Angelic Realm. She embodies the frequencies of compassion, wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance that generate the space for clarity and support to emerge in an honoring atmosphere. The guidance shared through her is phenomenal, and she is an impeccable vehicle for Divine Communication


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