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Spiritual Coach Certification (Accredited)

Access Divine Guidance to help you get clarity and answers to your most pressing questions about your life.

Cosmic You Group Coaching Experience

Elevate and awaken to the highest potentials and version of YOU with private, one-on-one coaching.

The Cosmic


Experience the Divine Feminine -- courses, coaching, community, and events for women ready for more.

The Intuitive, Sensitive, Psychic CHILD

A transformative month to month experience that empowers intuitive and sensitive children and their parents how to understand, navigate, and share their gifts, sensitivities, and heightened awareness.

The Awakened Superhuman Blueprint

Awaken your intuition and show you how to communicate with the Circle of Light that supports you.


What They Say

Emily has been a powerful secret weapon of Awesomeness in my personal life and business for about 7 years at the time of this recommendation. I have leveraged her wisdom, insight, clarity, coaching, guidance, and discernment to help me make decisions for the highest and best good of myself and others.

Delatorro L. McNeal, II

Emily is an incredibly gifted intuitive and communicates with crystal clarity with the Angelic Realm. She embodies the frequencies of compassion, wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance that generate the space for clarity and support to emerge in an honoring atmosphere. The guidance shared through her is phenomenal, and she is an impeccable vehicle for Divine Communication


Emily helped me reconnect with my authentic self and adopt so many practices that have helped light my path. The synchronicities that I witnessed were truly amazing and I’m happy to say that they are still unfolding daily. I will be forever grateful for this experience and believe that it was a catalyst to help me closer align to my souls purpose.

Stacie Scalise

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