Hello, I'm Emily Rivera!

I’ve been intuitive all my life, and offering insights since childhood. For over a decade now, I’ve been professionally supporting individuals of varying ages and backgrounds connect to Divine guidance, offering them answers, tools, and strategies into creating a life of fulfilment, freedom, and abundance.

In 2019 my life changed in drastic ways. I lost my best friend, father, and sister within 9 months. Even after having a life in which the Divine audibly guided and showed me how to move through all my highs and lows, I found myself heart broken with so much loss happening so fast. Among these life challenges, my body quickly mirrored my broken heart, which manifested with me having a heart attack. I suffered a rare heart condition that couldn’t be traced to any physical ailments nor other health conditions. My body was healthy, but it did offer a reminder on how our bodies reflect so much of our emotional states.

During this time, I was guided to take a year long pause with my career and travels, so that I could dive deep into my own healing and re-discovery. The arrival that this pause has delivered me into has included clarity and a refuelled passion for my soul’s vision and mission to helping people awaken their soul blueprint.

I have been ready, but today more than ever, I know that it is time to reveal all the insights, tools, strategies, and secrets that have been given to me by so many Ascended Lights (Angels, Archangels, Masters, Beings of light, and Cosmic Rays) since childhood.

The Birth of My Soul’s Vision and Mission…

I have been getting trained into the how to Awaken the Superhuman since early childhood. When I was around 5 years old, I would be visited by an oriental Master almost every night, the beginning to Masters visiting and offering personal and collective guidance. His presence was very calming and his love very reassuring. He would teach me about humanity and it’s frailty, but along with that he would show me how we each were destined to activate soul codes that would lead to positive changes, personally and collectively. He would tell me that I had a role to play in helping people wake up to it. Since then, I have been visited by many more Ascended Lights (Angels, Archangels, Masters, Beings of light, and Cosmic Rays). Each offering me insights about the human design, our cosmic and expansive origin, and the re-birth of the self. Teaching me the how’s to helping myself and people wake up their Superhuman Blueprint and communicate directly with them.

Hearing guidance and seeing visions became a norm for me. It was part of my daily interactions and what would guide my flow in everything. It was the voice that guided me to my college, husband, career, and even kept me safe from danger.

When my first daughter was born, it was guidance that gave me a vague preview to the medical challenges that were going to be part of her life. But it was also after her medical challenges began, that I felt the most disconnected from guidance and my gifts. It’s as if the voice that guided me all my life, had gone silent. Her medical emergencies became so extreme and overwhelming, that my own ability to communicate felt shut off. This perceived lack of communication, pulled me into a personal quest to re-awaken and master my ability to hear, communicate, and receive Divine guidance instantly and at all times, regardless of what was happening.

My daughter’s disability and medical emergencies became a gift to push me into fully awakening all levels of communication. There were many moments during crisis, in which we almost lost her, that the Angels and Divine Manifestations would tell me step by step, what to do to bring her back and restore her wellbeing. I learned to rise into peace, regardless of the circumstances. I came to truly own and know what it means to live as an Awakened Superhuman. A person who can rise above the human norm and demonstrate exceptional abilities in how they respond, live, and move through life. 

Today my passion and focus is on helping individuals to embody this level of intuitive connection, communication, and recognition.

While also providing them the tools and strategies into how to create a life of fulfillment that reflects their heart’s desires. So they can more gracefully awaken their unique gifts so they can be contributors to our collective wellbeing.

Are you ready to work with me?

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